About Us

There is a better potholder.  I designed it.  Why, because of every reason that I described and more.  I was tired of struggling with potholders that are on the market.  I was tired of burning myself.

In 2001, while cooking a meal, I suffered second-degree burns to the palm of my hand and three fingers while I was using an older generic potholder.

After pulling a pan out of a 350-degree oven, I found myself with out a place to immediately set it down. Caught in the moment, I never thought to put it back into the oven.  I was more concerned with clearing a place on my counter to put it down.  I was in the groove.  Those extra 5 to 10 seconds plus the condition of my neuropathy resulted in me not feeling the burn as a normal person would.

The next day, I went on the hunt.  I was in search of a potholder that worked.  By working, I mean one that would allow me to work with it on, so it had to have a high degree of versatility and functionality, deflect heat longer than a generic one would and look good too.

After a fruitless search, I didn’t give up.  Instead, I got mad.  After my tantrum, I purchased different kinds of batting, a few other things and salvaged some old 100% cotton fabric from my closet.  I then dusted off my mother’s old sewing machine and went to work making my own potholders.

I used my first four potholders for over a year in my own kitchen.  If a problem rose up, I fixed it and they haven’t failed me since.

On readying to attend a local craft show a year later, I assembled five additional potholders and brought them along.  Four of them sold within 30 minutes!  That was our first shock.  I retained the fifth potholder and took orders for 30 more through the day.  Our second shock came when a friend of ours, perusing the show, recommended that we patent our product.  Once we received our patent pending status (our third shock), we haven’t stopped selling them.