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Marjoe wrote: "I was pleased to purchase a number of these potholders in 2007-08 to give as gifts when I was Worthy Grand Matron. I still have some that go to my family members and they love them."

David P wrote:  "You should change the name from Better Potholder to World's Best Potholder.  The first time I used your Better Potholder, I said, This is great!  Every time I use it for a different purpose, I shouted to my wife how great the holder is and how well it works.  In the past, potholder use usually evoked unprintable exclamations from me."
Eileen R wrote:  "I bought a beautiful set of the BETTER POTHOLDERS several years ago and they are part of my dinner preparation almost every night. They also make an attractive addition to my kitchen and they work like a charm! They wash up nicely and I would be lost without them. You will love them!"
Kim A wrote:   I have known about these wonderful potholders since they were created, I can honestly say they are the only potholders I use and will EVER USE! I have purchased many for gifts and they are always very much welcomed and appreciated, and soon the only potholders that the receiver uses. They are very useful and stylish! I love that they will take suggestions and find you just what you are looking for. They are the BEST POTHOLDERS in the WORLD!
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This is the best potholder out there. I have had it for a few years now and it still looks great I just throw it in the washer and presto, it looks brand new again. Love it!