They’re tired, dirty, ripped, stained and burned.  You use them every day.  Even when they look like something out of a ‘B’ rated monster movie; a monster crab claw, a robotic mitt or something that fell off of a swamp creature but, you still use them every day.  In your kitchen, handling your pots and pans, even on your dining room table next to or in your food, they hang from a nail on a wall or are stuffed away in a drawer.

Have your potholders had it?  Did they ever really work for you?  Is there such a thing as a potholder that’ll look good and still function?  Can there be ‘A Better Potholder’?

The market is ripe with potholders.  Usually there are three kinds you will find in an average store.  There are those types of potholders that are cute.  They look good hanging on a wall.  After that, they require a bit of skill and fortitude to use because they fall out of your hand, provide very little protection and they are just not padded with enough material to protect you from anything like the heat generated by an oven.

The second type of potholder you’ll find are variations of the old “crab claw” glove types.  They often work by protecting you from the volume of heat generated by an outdoor grill or the oven.  After that, unless you want to handle anything more than a large spoon or spatula, they are extremely hard to manipulate around trays, pans and casserole dishes.  They also require an amount of effort to put on and take off.

The third type of potholder you’ll find are the high tech types.  Those potholders that have material like Mylar, Kevlar or Silicone.  The Tech type potholders work without a doubt.  But you first have to get past their look.  If you have a ‘Terminator’ motif, a Space Shuttle pattern or a passion for Graveyard memorabilia, fine, go and match those to your pallet.

We will have potholders in all five Made In Washington stores in April 2012.  Here's their link:

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A Better Potholder