My potholder is simply functional and versatile, good looking and it will allow you to safely remove and transfer any hot items from your grill, oven and stove top with confident ease because of the patented design features.  This is a low-tech solution to everyday needs.  They look and function like they belong in every kitchen, grill, galley and camper.  They are easy to clean too.  Just pop them in the washer and right into the dryer on low heat.
Some of our product patterns are displayed on this website.  However, if you desire a different color and design to match a motif, color or design in your kitchen, go to the contacts page to let us know.
Our patented potholder has been on the market for nine years now.  We have sold over 5,000 of them and they are all over the United States.
Designed by American Ingenuity
Hand Made in Western Washington
Beautifully Diverse Patterns
Flexible and Versatile
Washable and Durable
Increased Safety
With Built In Trust
Patent No. US 7,124,446 B2
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Introducing New Sizes!
We now have reduced sized potholders for the petite hand and extra large for bigger hands.
Make sure to indicate the size.  We will ship regular sized potholders if the size is not indicated in your order.